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my blog is two years old today!

To my fellow inspirationalists & followers; for every comment, Pinterest - pin, shout-out on your blog, and for just peeking at my mostly pictorial posts, Thank-you all so very much!!  That you choose to take time from your day to participate in a piece of my world is something I appreciate beyond measure. 

2014 has been an amazing year thus far and I am excited to experience all that is still to come – letting everything unfold in its own time - not lingering too long on yesterdays or wishing for tomorrows at the expense of this moment (right now).

I decided as a challenge to myself and as a new blogaversary tradition (so sad I didn't think of this last year), that I would create a new tag using the same; stamp sets, colour pallet and materials (though these may get tricky - more creative - over time) as the ones I used on the very first tag and first post I created. 


Glassine Dreams & Mermaid (sighs)

Considering all the Tim Holtz opportunities to get some texture, the diversity of options is inspiring… I often think of him as a catalyst to “make everything new – old again”.  My take on texture is both about adding to a surface and (more importantly to me) the taking away what was inherently there.  I absolutely love the look and feel of Glassine paper; the slick impervious surface - both translucent and luminescent - pristine.  When handled (and over handled), every applied pressure, crease and crack marked with waxy opacity. This marred surface is made soft and handsome with the addition of monochromatically coloured adornments (each with their own texture and way of taking on pigment), punctuated with (more glassine) faux tea roses.