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Friday, May 40th

Creative Chem 102

Creative Chemistry 102
once, twice, thrice & again (again)

Many of the techniques in this class took trial-and-error to get the effect I believed I was trying for - good thing I was making 4 of everything from the outset. For posterity, I've kept each attempt here; you will see that some are better than others. As a side note some went well the first time and I had difficulty replicating it, and some it took till the fourth (colour pallet) tag to feel a sense of mastery (the ability to replicate it again). 

Fortune Favours

This tag is inspired by Tim's May Tag Challenge showcasing tiled embellishments.  The theme for this piece comes via the man in my life.  He is my co-adventurers and partner in crime (reads like a pirate to me), this is "All About Him" and the [vintage] journey we share.

This Moment