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This all began as an idea for a Halloween tag.  I was captivated by the idea of several paper skeletons hanging from paper clip hangers - whimsy (right?) - and so I made these for the tag.  While I was cutting some of my paper skeletons in half; creating little bone shirts and pants, I couldn't escape the idiom “skeletons in my/your closet”.  After that,  I couldn't seem to incorporate these ‘garments’ into any of the tag backgrounds I was creating – what was always missing was the illusion of a closet (and I was now obsessing).

So, how do you make a tag feel like a closet?  After much creative consideration and crafty consternation;
            -the short answer is, I couldn't

            -the long answer is, I built a closet 

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Demo - Double Embossing

Lately, I have received a lot of emails asking me; how did I emboss the Yellow Brick Roads and various backgrounds on my Oz inspired series of tags?  I hope the following post & pictures help better demonstrate this process. 

If you still have questions, please ask, I'll always answer what I can (and guess at the rest). 

I would like see what creative an cleaver combinations you are creating with this process. If you send me a link to you project - I'll be by to ogle & aww.

Demo – Double Emboss

Time:  <1 Hours
Yield:   Endless Possibilities
Wet Ingredients:
  • Ink – Distress Walnut Stain
Dry Ingredients:
  • Cardstock – Tan paper cut 4.25” X 5.5“
  • Embossing Folders -  Bottle Caps & Rulers,  Rays & Retro Circles
  • Scraps of 3/16 Acrylic Sheeting 
  • Sizzix Embossing Diffuser







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Old Salt

my blog is one year old today

A year ago today, I made my first tag and created this blog, just so I could ‘play along’ with June’s twelve tags of twenty-twelve. 

The continuing monthly challenges in Tim’s 12 tags of 2013, and the inky pinky promise I made to myself to participate, are all a part of the consistent commitment to creativity that inspires me to share.

The welcome and support, the amazing global community Tim has cultivated, extended to me is more I ever could have imagined.

Thank-you all - readers both old and new.
vki (aka - that crazy chick)




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