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Article - Affiches de Cirque

 My transforming tag project "Affiches de Cirque" is a special feature in this month's (March/April) issue of Somerset Studio magazine. You can sneak a peek at this month issue on the Stampington & Company website.  I would like to express my extreme thanks to Christen Olivarez for her special mention in the letter from the editor in this issue and to all those at Somerset Studio (Stampington & Company) for making this an absolutely amazing experience.




Nicole Wright said...

Oh how lovely! Congratulations! You are so very talented and well deserving! Fabulous news!!!!!!!!

Jess M said...

Congratulations! That is huge. The work you do is fantastic and Somerset is lucky to have you.

Cynthia said...

Ditto the other comments! =D Congrats!!!

Kyla said...

oh how fabulous, probably the best magazine there is!

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