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All Sewn Up

All Sewn Up

Time: >4 Hour
Yield:  1 Quilted-esque Book
Dry Ingredients:
  • 1 Chronicle Worn Cover
  • Fabric:  Eclectic Elements Melange in Neutral
  • Foam Stabilizer
  • Hardware:  Custom Fasteners, Custom Knobs, Large Binder Rings
  • Craft Scratcher

I am excited to have been invited to a Vintage Journey as a guest creative guide for this challenge.

Here is a link so you can see all the other inspirational pieces for their current challenge “All Sewn Up”.

Not that sewing was required but, I do love to sew, and that little corner of my craft room is often neglected.  Like most of the things I make, I have an idea of what (I think) I’m making and then just go for it.  No pattern; just a wheel cutter, quilting ruler and a hot iron...pedal to the floor.










Thank-you for taking the time to  stop by and share in  adventure, part of my Creative (Vintage) Journey.

while your here...

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...I will.

Len-trick-ular Treat

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Getting Organized

Today, I was starting to get things organized for an up-coming weekend away with the girls to make some cards. I keep most of my Inks, Paints, Stains, etc... in baskets which only allows me to see the products from the top down. As I was pulling these baskets from their shelves and drawers to put into tote bins, I was marking my mental list:  Mini Distress Inks, Check. Distress Paint, check. Distress Stain, check. Mini misters, check.  Bin of large silver lids, hmmmm...

Burning Leaves